Deer 139
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Samantha (Sam) Dwinnell

Sam is a research scientist with the Haub School of Environment Resources where she has been studying the behaviors, habitats, and life-histories of Wyoming Range mule deer since 2013. Previously, she captured Canada lynx in Colorado’s mountains, tracked bighorn sheep in the Tetons, and worked on other wildlife projects. Sam takes any opportunity to strap on skis or jump in a pack raft to collect data.


Anya Tyson

Anya thrives at the intersection of conservation and communication as a citizen science project coordinator. Wielding an accordion and a harmonica, she uses music to engage hundreds of volunteers. A former wildlife technician, she loves to bushwhack, cover ground, and use binoculars whenever possible.


Tennessee Jane Watson 

Tennessee is Wyoming Public Radio's education reporter. She's a journalist, an award-winning documentarian and a lover of long-haul adventures. She loves to expose problems by talking about solutions. An avid distance runner, she has two NYC Marathons, the Boston Marathon, the Vermont 50 and countless 50k trail races under her belt. 


Jayme Dittmar

Jayme is an Alaska-based outdoors enthusiast and visual storyteller. She has produced national award-winning shorts for the Department of the Interior, the environmental journalism program Planet Forward, and Montana PBS. When not filming or editing photos, Jayme can be found behind a dog team, hunting, fishing, or climbing

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Morgan (Mo) Heim

Mo weaves together the stories of wildlife and humans sharing our planet. Her photos and writing appears in outlets, such as BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Magazine and Newsweek. Her film collaborations have appeared in Banff Mountain Film Festival, Adventure Film, Telluride, the International Wildlife Film Festival, and G2 Green Earth Festival.

Project Advisors


Dr. Kevin Monteith

Kevin is an assistant professor of natural resource science with the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Wyoming. He is internationally recognized for his award-winning nutritional ecology research focusing on the connection between wildlife and their environments.

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Emilene Ostlind

Emilene, writer and editor at the University of Wyoming Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, shares complex environmental and natural resource science stories through print, web, video, and other media. She has extensive experience telling stories of Wyoming’s long- distance wildlife migrations.

The film is a product of the Monteith Shop and the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Wyoming in partnership with Wyoming Public Media.